“I am a special ed teacher and purchased a set of Brain Tunz books for my classroom. My students LOVED them! I would play the downloads of the songs as background music throughout the day and it changed the whole mood of the students! They loved doing the brain moves to the songs and really enjoyed the characters in the books. It was a great addition to my classroom and I highly recommend Brain Tunz!”
Janet Fletcher
“I purchased a set of Brain Tunz books for my grandchildren and they were thrilled. My grandson has some issues with attention in school and gravely needed to learn these exercises. He thinks they are fun and will actually do them along with the music. My other grandchildren love to sit with the books while listening to the audiobook and songs just for entertainment. They end up doing the brain moves without even realizing they are working on their brain! Fun and educational too. Great product!”
Lori James
“My granddaughter is only fourĀ and is fascinated with the Lazy 8! By looking for the hidden ones on the pages, she thinks they are fun and doodles them on papers all the time now, not even realizing it’s helping her brain! I think it will give her a real advantage when she starts school. That’s not even mentioning all the other brain moves she is learning too! Thank you to Brain Tunz!”
Lisa Hess
“The Brain Tunz books are adorable! The characters and illustrations captivate me as well as my kids. My children can really relate to some of the struggles the characters have and learning skills to deal with them has been extremely helpful. I am so thrilled to have these great books!”
Sarah Smith
“I put my son in a brain balance program to help with some learning issues he was having. They gave him lots of brain exercises to help him out, but getting him to do them was a real chore. Doing similar exercises with the Brain Tunz program has taken the work out of them and made them fun for him to do. It is such a relief to have found these books. They are priceless for me and my son!”
Michelle Benz
“I am a homeschooling mom and am always looking for ways to engage my kids in their lessons. I have run into so many of the same problems with my kids as Miss Emma does with the animals in her Brain Tunz Academy! These books have actually helped me to learn skills I didn’t even know existed to help my kids with their learning. I recommend them to any mom that wants to help their children improve their learning skills and emotional balance.”
Melanie Gomez
“I have to say my favorite part of Brain Tunz is the songs. They are catchy and adorable and go so well with the principles taught. My kids listen to them over and over and even sing them around the house. This whole program is amazing and the songs are a delight!”
Judy Rasmussen


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