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In this book you will learn: the importance of hydration, gargling, and proper nutrition for healthy brain function.

In this book you will learn: body movements and a brain game to balance right and left brain hemispheres for better learning and seeing others’ point of view.

In this book you will learn: two body positions which increase focus and help calm the brain through story and song.

In this book you will learn: a tapping technique to release past emotional trauma with a song and story and the power of positive affirmations to reset negative thinking. This tapping technique is based off of the Emotional Freedom Technique.

In this book you will learn: tips to calm angry feelings and the power of laughter to heal your mind through story and songs.

In this book you will learn: how to remove trauma from triggered past experiences with eye-circle therapy and the power of sleep for a healthy brain.

In this book you will learn: a brain move to help calm the mind when fear and panic happens and brain techniques to help calm test anxiety.

In this book you will learn: how serving others can help you get out of victim mentality and how doing a Lazy 8 brain movement can help you focus, concentrate, and balance your brain.

The Brain Tunz series of books follows the adventures of a group of adorable animal characters who have been rescued from a circus and now reside at an animal sanctuary. They attend the Brain Tunz Academy where they are taught by a very wise and benevolent teacher, Miss Emma. As learning challenges or emotional issues arise either from their past trauma in the circus or from their everyday interactions with the other students, Miss Emma teaches them brain exercises and/or emotional techniques through both story and song which assist them in overcoming their obstacles. These obstacles include lack of focus and concentration, test anxiety, stress, lack of self-esteem, relationship issues, absence of motivation, anger or fear, poor brain nutrition, poor sleep habits, lack of respect for others, dealing with distractions, and much more!


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